We are an Engineering Services Firm.

We create new things for people with incredible ideas.  We take brilliant concepts and turn them into revenue.

We coordinate with designers, technicians, engineers, as well as manufacturing firms, fabrication specialists and venture capitalists to allow our clients to make informed decisions regarding the concept, design, prototype and manufacture of all kinds of cool stuff: from small electronic gadgets and smartPhone apps, to large scale networked robotics and everything in-between.

Why 35 You Ask?

What’s the deal with the number 35 you ask?

…there are MANY reasons for the number 35… There is a very well written article on the number 35 written here:

The most important for us would be that the number 35 is the sum of the first 5 triangular numbers, making it a “tetrahedral” number. …And a tetrahedron is a perfect symbol to describe our unique “phased approach” to design innovation…

There are five “phases” to the design process which we employ, each phase building and expanding upon the previous phase… Growth is more than linear and less than exponential. Our experience shows it to be rather… Well… Tetrahedral.

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